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Zhejiang Allwell Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
International Participant
Stand No -   B28 B29

Description -   Ounuo with brand Oyang and Allwell. Ounuo based equipment innovation to drive the development of the industry to empower customers, find industry pain points to optimize industry development, reduce industry risk to accelerate industry innovation, to create high value and high competitiveness of bag printing solutions service providers - the industry changes because of us! Ounuo has more than 200 invention patents, 300 technical personnel and 70 scientific researchers.

CategoriesFinished Packaging^Paper Packaging^
Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co.,Ltd.
International Participant
Stand No -   B46

Description -   Zhejiang New Debao Machinerv Co., Ltd, was founded in 2001, which is a professional intelligent equipment manufacturing company of intelligent paper container machines for food and beverage, integrating software development, mechanical research and development, manufacturing and marketing. Newtop people pursue the concept of high quality and technology leading,strive to create higher value for customers. By changing the working mode with intelligent paper cup machine to make the operation more and more simple.

Zenjet Technologies (P) Ltd.

Stand : C11


Stand : test3